First Thursdays Cape Town


First Thursdays Cape Town is a free cultural experience where art galleries and other cultural attractions in the central and East city districts stay open late on the first Thursday of every month. What started in late 2012 with just 6 art galleries has grown into one of the city's foremost cultural experiences, attracting thousands of people every month.

The night is as much about experiencing art and culture as it is about exploring the city on foot. We suggest browsing the highlights right here and choosing a few exhibitions and attractions that you'd like to see, but be open to letting the night take its own course. Print maps are available at most listed venues. 

next event

3 August 2017. 5pm to 9pm (and later).

July Programme

Olivie Keck Teenager.jpg

james mudge studio

"Edge City" exhibition
Hope St (East City)

Alex Katz-Unfamiliar, lithograph 46 of 100.jpg

Eclectica print

"The Winter Show"
Hout St



"Calibrating Wonder"
Church St


Gallery MOMO

"Be Kind. Please Rewind"
Buitengracht St