First Thursdays (CPT + JHB)

Participation in First Thursdays and listing on the official programme is broken up into two types: seasonal and monthly. This is valid for both Cape Town (CBD and East city) and Johannesburg (Braamfontein and Rosebank). The First Thursdays programme is curated and focuses on art galleries and other cultural attractions, but also features a small supporting programme of retail stores, restaurants, and bars that add to the experience. 



Participation for a full season (3 months) includes listing on the seasonal print map and programme, which is distributed throughout the respective First Thursdays areas. All listings receive online profile pages, updated for each event with exhibition, event, or other information, as well as listing on the online event map. Seasonal listing requires participating for at least 2 of the 3 months in the season. Participate for the season...



Month-to-month listings are online only. These participants receive online profile pages with updated exhibition, event, or other information. Monthly participation is for those that are not listed on the seasonal print programme, or that wish to only participate for one month. Please complete the seasonal participation form, and simply select the month on which you'd like to participate.  


Notes and Conditions

First Thursdays is not a conventional event in that it is the product of many small events and late openings. First Thursdays is more of a ritual, for which Thursdays Projects produces the official programme. 

The First Thursdays programme is curated and produced Thursdays Projects. Thursdays Projects has total discretion regarding what is included on the official programme. 

First Thursdays is largely about walkability, therefore the programme is limited to reasonably walkable areas with multiple attractions. 

Use of the First Thursdays brand mark (logo) is by permission only. Please request approval beforehand, with a clear description of how the brand mark would sit on your material. 

Use of the name "First Thursdays" directly alongside another brand is not allowed (Example: "ABC Bar First Thursdays"). What is allowed is reference to the name as an event or location (Example: "First Thursdays at ABC Bar" or "ABC Bar on First Thursdays").

The initiative is called "First Thursdays", not "First Thursday" or "First Thursday's".












Participation Forms




Event Calendar



Spring 2017 Season

7 Sep / 5 Oct / 2 Nov

Summer 2017/18 Season

7 Dec / 4 Jan / 1 Feb

Autumn 2018 Season

1 Mar / 5 Apr / 3 May


Listing Fees


SEASONAL (print & online)

Cultural (Art galleries, music, theatre, etc.)
R1200 / season

Commercial (Retail stores, markets, etc.) 
R1500 / season

Supporting (Restaurants, bars, etc.)
R2000 / season


MONTHLY (online only)

Cultural (Art galleries, music, theatre, etc.)

Commercial (Retail stores, markets, etc.) 
R750/ month

Supporting (Restaurants, bars, etc.)
R900 / month

Please contact us if you would like to be listed, but are not in the financial position to pay the listing fee.  We do waive the fee for certain initiatives. 


Listing Information



7 500 / city / season


26 000 - 31 000 / month


9 300+


26 000+

Partnership & Advertising

For partnership and / or advertising opportunities, please contact us directly.